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kashmir protest

Pro-Active Hinduism is the only cure of turmoiled Kashmir

kashmir protest

Pakistan is the brain-child of Jihad. 1947 saw the birth of this terrorist nation which turned into Jihadistan quite smoothly. Fanaticism and bigotism are its main weapons. The soul of Pakistan is fed by intense hatred against Hinduism Innocent and ignorant are those who entertain an idea that modern India is the victim of terrorism for last forty years or so. History suggests that India has suffered for centuries at the hands of extreme hardcore Islamism. When we look back we see that Moh. Gajnavi and Moh. Gori attacked India with two ulterior-motives. To destroy the pride of idol worshippers and loot them-were their ideals behind their savage attacks. They were fed by the savage zeal of fanaticism bent upon destroying everything which was un-islamic.
     Though, that was undivided India where Hindus were hundred percent. Islam was unknown to India by then. Subsequent rise of Islam in india eg. Sultanet period followed by Mughals saw growth in Muslim population. The very basis of this Islamisation has had been deep rooted hatred against hindus in muslim minds . As a matter of fact hindu religion is the main obstackle on its way since the birth of Islam around the dawn of seventh Century.                                                                                                                                              The biggest unfortunate weakness of hinduism is its natural liberalism. Even today, kashmir issue is the product of extreme islamism that is Jihad and liberal hindu approach which witnessed extreme plight of kashmiri pandits in the form of their exit from the valley. the whole India is an eyewitness to this nightmare, unkown to indian history by 1989. islam’s tendency that is natural instinct is expanssion of islam in one way or the other through all possible means however barbaric they could be. Kashmir is thus not a political or administrative problem of any sort. It is Islamist-Jihad which is centuries old and is hell bent upon destroying Hindus who are liberal by heart and soul. The only solution to kashmir issue is destruction of Jihadi- forces in the valley in the first place and pro-active hinduism all over India for all praticality.


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