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kohinoor diamond london

Great Britain Now Do It

kohinoor diamond london

O the geat Britain of yester-years
you left our country Bharat unusually
rather disgracefully and painfully
materialising your long-cherished dream
of deep-rooted division of Hindus and Muslims
in fact it were you
who inculcated two nation theory
in the hearts of Muslims in Bharat.
Fanatic Jinnah was your favourite tool
who found a perfect prophet in you
today Pakistan ie Jihadistan
the undeclared ally of ISIS is your own creation
which keeps reminding us of fanatic Babur and Aurangzeb
through its dirty ISIS like proxy war tactics
so you can not be absolved of your morality
of which you are devoid of.
You in the name of civilising us
uncivilised us and reduced our country to merely a skeleton,
you took away Kohinoor diamond
which in fact belongs to each and every
son and daughter of Mother Bharat,
O great Britain
the heartless imperialist of yester-years
it is absolutely in your honour
to ensure return of the diamond to us
without any delay
we in turn are ready to forget
Sins you did on us piercing our soul deep for nearly three hundred years.

                                                                         Virendra Dev Gaur

                                                                           Chief Editor

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