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China, Pakistan, Turkey and Iran are basically terrorist states


Mr. PM Justin Trudeau Indeed Thank You

Democracy is not just a form of governance
it is a way of thinking
it is a civilized sort of leading life
a way to exercise freedom
the path to promote common and individual goals
thus, the very essence of peace and prosperity
where we strive for the purification of our souls.
Democratic institutions need faith
democratic set ups deserve praise
need, bi-lateral and multi-lateral moral courage
vibrant democracies are not like cage
hence, sovereignty and territoral integrity are at the centre-stage.
Freedom of expression at the cost of integrity
freedom of association at the cost of territorial unity
actually are terrorist-tendencies
extra-constitutional and anarchy-oriented tendency.
Democratic governance is a great evolution
terrorism is therefore no solution
there is not a single degree relaxation for sedition
democratic countries ought to have a code of resolution
rise in arms against a democracy is a matter of serious consideration
promotion of a democracy must be in steady progression
such immoral-organizaions need desertation
why, they at all be allowed to station
one day they will amass arms and ammunition
please, deframe them we send you our salutation.
Demoralization of parliamentary democracy
where parliament is pre-domiant
organ of military is sub-ordinate to it
must not be entertained in any form and at any cost
otherwise, great gift of socio-political evolution might be lost.
The most populous democracy is Bharat
a political party with largest membership is right here
dozens of languages and hundreds of dialects prevail here
enormous diversity and rich cultural multiplicity exist here
such a country can not be disturbed in the name of aspirational freedom
khalistanis are just traitors alike Jihadis in Bharat.
All democracies ought to harmoniously gather
help each other and move together
all sorts of armed terrorism be crushed
expansionist tendencies be reduced to dust
evil outfits and rogue states are disgust
my country Bharat is the first
who is ready to fight against any power who is unjust
we hope Tibet, Hongkong and Taiwan need universal trust not lust
these establishments be freed from new colonial power’s gust
each and every democracy be allowed to become robust.
Hagia Sophia’s Act of Religious Barbarism (Jihad)

Is it Islam or Taliban
Is it religious reverence or jihad
conversion of a museum back into a mosque
which was primarily a Cathedral of great religious-repute
one of the Christendom’s most significant shrines
built by the Byzantine emperor Justinian in 537
who ruled the eastern Roman empire
from erstwhile constantinople and today’s Istanbul
splendid and prosperous centre of Christianity
until CE 1453 when the Turks conquered the Byzantine territories.
Though, shockingly strange but as a matter of fact
Mustafa Kemal Ataturk the founding leader of secular state of Turkey
converted the mosque into a museum in 1934
neither mosque nor a Cathedral it remained for 86 years
eventually, now a lavishly furnished mosque.
The forcible conversion of a prime Cathedral into a mosque in CE 1453
reminds us of Talibanism done in CE 1526 in the holy city of Ayodhya
when invader Babur pulled down the greatest shrine of Lord Ram
raised Babri mosque on the very site
as a traditional barbaric mark of Jihad
thus, humbled the national pride of Bharat
quite in tune with what Erdogan has done a few days age much against the Christianity.
Originally, the structure was Cathedral a Christian shrine
here in Bharat too it was Hindu shrine
the originality stands for secularism
while, any forcible change must be termed as Jihadi-terrorism
communism of China and Jihad are ever aggressive
democratic world communty must resist this expansionism to defeat their ill-motive.
                                                              -सावित्री पुत्र वीर झुग्गीवाला, स्वतंत्र पत्रकार, देहरादून।

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