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Rise Above Selfish Motives

terrorism world

Each and every responsible country
Each and every cultured world-zen
Stop beating around the bush
Stop treating as an individual
the two dreaded pro-active monsters are apparently visible
but our hearts are still dark and dull.
Core of Muslim terrorism
laid up in the soil of Jihadistan (Pakistan)
must inevitably be blown up, in the first place
over-powering the ignorance and confusion worldover
if we are sincere-enough and peace-loving
then do it soon decisively altogether please.
Monster number two………..
who is all set to kill the mother-earth itself
by incurably infecting its heart and lungs
you are shockingly mistaken
if you call it just atmosphere and hydrosphere.
Yes, dear and respectable
UNO with its various limbs
be honest-enough for the sake of the mother-earth
bring in durable peace and vibrant health to the earth
dismantle ever-strengthening global warming
dislodge deep-rooting Muslim- Fanaticism
Remember, the whole world needs hormony and peaceful continuation.

Virendra Dev Gaur (Veer Jhuggiwala)

Chief Editor (NWN)


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