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Analytical study of contemporary electronic media in India

media 23344

One can observe immense duel among common Indian citizens about journalist in electronic media. some people are attracted towards journalists who hold flag of nationalism and indigenous cultrue high. Another set of citizens show great penchant for those journalists who declare nationalism and Indigenous cultrue as contemptuous and rudimentary. Arnab Goswami has emerged as one pole of attraction and Ravish Kumar has popped up as a pole of alternate attraction. 

Interestd peolple have to be careful while judging these poles. it is no simple clash of two juournalists or clash of two personalities. It shows clash between all encompassing indigenous culture and alien Trident. Alien Trident is composed of |Arabic-Turkish imperialism, Roman&European imperialism and Marxism as its three deadly poisonous points.
One journalist supports alien weeds which are marauding Indian subcontinent since around 700 Ad. Arabic-Turkish imperialism destroyed dozens of world renowned intellectual hubs in Indian subcontinent. Thousands of religious centres were desecrated, occupied and riches were looted. Some of these invaders decided to stay in this country itself but never changed their values. Rather they tried to convert millions of indigenous people according to foreign ideas. They eliminated classical shastrarth system or way of debates which were prevalent in this country. These people introduces new style of reasoning. Opponents were not allowed to raise basic questions about content in religious books, critical evaluation of the life of messenger etc. They kept blood stained swords ready to kill opponents. They eliminated Parsi religion in Iran and Buddhism in Central Asia. Even today Rock Statues Of Gautam Buddha are not allowed to rest in peace in Afghanistan. Anihilators of other faith are revered as Saints or peer by thier desecendants. Recently, Chairmain of Delhi minority commission threatened fellow Indian cutizens against invasion from Middle East. This must remind us of something.
Later on, Roman-European imperialism entered this land. They did their best To depreciate indigenous culture. For this they proved that indigenous people lacked literature, architectue, philosophy, mathematics, agriculture etc. these European people were suffering from white msn’s burden. To hide there Immoral activites and immeasurable exploitation of this region they had to show indigenous people sa inhuman, substandard and bereft of morals. They used so called miracled water to cure and liberate native people. Covid-19 has proved that miracled water is a fraud because hundreds of priests have been killed in Europe itself. Journey of pope during prime minister Rajiv Gandhi was continuity of this dogmatic apprach. during his stay in India pope vowed to harvest souls.
Third point of Trident originated in Europe. Its propounder was Karl Marx. His ideas were rooted in soil by lenin and Mao. Supporters of this ideology pay homage to one human value only that is equality.
Their equality is synonyms with economic equality. They are grat exclusionist. They refused to accept and agree with other dimensions of human life. They killed millions of people in USSR. Crores of people were killed in China in the name of ideology. Even today China do not provide correct picture of its economy, society or political system. They even failed to give correct information of covid-19 to the world or to its own citizens. One Marxist Dictator in Cambodia tried to kill all specs wearing people. Why? because specs wearing people were considered intellectuals who could oppse his regime. Within India left ruling States never tolerated any sort of opposition. In West Bengal CPI caders killed dozens of Anand margi saints in broad daylight almost four decades back. officers who tried to Raise this incident were either killed or tortured into submission.
Group of other journalists seems supporters of eternal values which prevailed over Indian subcontinent for thousands of years. They know that Cocktail of alien and exclusionist ideologies is hovering over Indian subcontinent for almost 1300 years. To erase these vicious clouds seems impossible. Out of this frustration they become impatient. They are charged that they are tilted to one side. But, who is impartial in this world? who is ideologically neutral? BBC? CNN? Chinese news agency? Pak news agencies? Indian leftists? Roman European thinkers? Arabi Turkish thinkers? Bollywood celebrities? Bollywood celebrities have guts to depict certain section of society in bad light? they have ideas to produce movie or documentaries of show negatives of certain section of society! do you think that sarcastic movies or documentaries cannot be created with respect to other sections of society? smartphone generation has enough ideas to make sarcastic documentaries or films which can bring negatives of other sections of societies?
few decades back Samuel P Huntington authored a book in which he conjectured about future civilizational clashes. Brown Europeans mentioned his ideas in their articles in different ways. but, fore me civilizational clash was on in Indian sub-continent for last 13 centuries and is still on. I pray to almighty that Indian ethos based on inclusiveness and wholeness will come Triumphant against outwardly magnificent but soulless intellectual web of alien ideologies. 

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